Leader in Portfolio

Rebalancing and Investment Compliance

Smart and user-friendly software that manages the complexity
of maintaining compliant, tailored and tax-efficient portfolios,
increasing productivity by over 80%.

Lead your firm

to the next level


Support tailored portfolios for clients and households, while always respecting constraints, without additional workload.


Models and models-of-models are logically and consitently implemented across all portfolios and households.


All approved and outstanding trades are immediately and clearly reflected in portfolios, eliminating errors.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci
How iBalance works - artificial intelligence that thinks like you. 
1. Declare
2. Robo
3. Approve
Enter objectives, preferences and constraints
Enter client's IPS for portfolios and Households.

Enter PM's investment strategies and targets for model portfolios.

Enter enterprise wide constraints.


More for every client


Accommodate your client's specific needs with tailored portfolios, without additional effort and overhead.

Offer holistic management of all related portfolios within a household, including nontraditional and restricted assets.

Ensure that investment strategies are properly implemented and client constraints are always respected. 

Maximize tax efficiency by automatically optimizing security location based on each portfolio's taxability.

Set capital gains limits and easily accomplish tax harvesting.

Unleash your full potential

Are you finding that managing your client's portfolios and households is time consuming?

Are you finding that ensuring their portfolios are always compliant time consuming?

Are you able to easily offer each of your clients tailored portfolios without additional effort?

Would you like more time for client facing activities and business development?

See how iBalance can work for you.


User and IT friendly

Simple and seamless end-to-end integration with your existing systems.

Quick implementation using plug and play adapters.

Available on-premises or hosted.

WebService API.

What client's are saying

“With iBalance we don't have to work  evenings and weekends to check compliance and rebalance portfolios...”

“With iBalance we can easily tailor portfolios to better meet our client's needs...”

“With iBalance we have more time to spend with our clients and work on business development...”

4. Success

Ready to see iBalance in action?

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